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WARNING: Videos May Cause Insomnia!!!

BitQyck Intro Video

We're talking about "The NEXT Groupon," with a Cryto-Currency TWIST!!!

You've heard of Groupon. You've heard of BitCoin, and Crypt-Currency. Maybe even the "Block Chain," and the "Etherium Network."

This is one that you can tell your friends, neighbors, total strangers, and even Local Merchants about WITHOUT trying to "put your long arm in their short pockets!" No potions, pills, auto-ship, or inflated "MLM" products that people will be able to buy at Wal-mart for less!

No calling your friends and neighbors, or using the "3-foot rule" to beg them to spend $300+ just for the privilege of promoting your deal, and maintaining a monthly auto-ship to stay qualified!!!

Every person you refer for FREE, is tied to you for LIFE! If they see a "QyckDeal," (like the Groupon Daily Deals), and purchase, you earn CASH...AND you also receive "x" number of "BitQy" Coins.

If you refer a Merchant, that Merchant is tied to you for LIFE! EVERY TIME they sell a "QyckDeal" (also referred to as a "Daily Deal"), you get paid CASH...AND you also receive "x" number of "BitQy" Coins.

So why would a Merchant want to start promoting a "Daily Deal" with BitQyck, instead of Groupon???
Let's take a look at just a FEW of the differences, and you'll quickly discover absolutely WHY:

Groupon Deal vs. BitQyck "QyckDeal"

Using the example of a $100 Deal, discounted to $69, here's just a few reasons merchants are going to absolutely love BitQyck:
Groupon Deal

· 50% Paid to Merchant: $34.50

· 50% Paid to Groupon: $34.50

· Up to 60 Days+ to receive funding



· 70% Paid to Merchant: $48.30

· 30% Paid to BitQyck: $20.70

· 5 to 7 Days to receive funding

· Can Register Customers As Free Affiliates

· Earn % of Every QyckDeal They Purchase for LIFE!

· Plus Earn Crypto-Currency On Every Deal


It's 100% FREE To Become An Affiliate

It's 100% FREE For A Merchant To List Their Deal

YOU Get Paid On EVERY "QyckDeal" In Cash AND BitQy Sold By Your Referral Merchants AND Purchased By Your Referral Affiliates!!!

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Contact Management System
(CMS) For Serious Promoters

BeQyck Contact Management System (CMS)

If you're a serious marketer and you want to promote on Social Networks, Traffic Sites, etc. You're definitely going to want to get a BeQyck Contact Management System! Yes, it's $34.95/mo, but if 3 of your Affiliates get the BeQyck CMS, yours becomes free.

It's an invaluable tool, and so brand new, they haven't even loaded all of the marketing tools yet! I'm personally chomping at the bit for the Funnel they will be adding to promote B2B (Business-2-Business). You can get yours by clicking HERE!

So how did I get 82 "opt-ins" in the first 36-hours??? I promoted my BeQyck CMS Capture-Page through Super Solo Networks at There are 28 different Super Solo Networks, and packages can get as low as 59 cents each. I haven't even started on the whole Social Network aspect of marketing.

When Bitcoin Launched, It Was On Sale For 2 Cents EACH - Can I Buy "BitQy" CHEAP, NOW, Before This Thing Goes VIRAL???

Great Question! If you were like me, and missed out on buying BitCoin when it launched at 2 cents each, with a current value of somewhere around $1,193 EACH, again GREAT QUESTION!

Between now and April 30th, 2017 (they say May 1st, but I say April 30th to be on the SAFE SIDE), you can actually purchase "BitQy Coins" for 2 cents each. The "door" to buying at 2 cents each will CLOSE on May 1st, 2017. They have packages starting at $199.95, and up to $1,000 at 2 CENTS EACH! They even have larger packages available for serious investors, but they list the $199.95 to $1,000 packages for the "Average Joe."

Please keep in mind, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE A 2 CENT "BITQY COIN" PACKAGE to participate! However, I will tell you this. Recently there has been some "chatter," and I repeat, "chatter," that when the doors open on May 1st, 2017, and shortly after the "QyckDeals" go "live," that the value of "BitQy Coins" will quickly hit $1.00 in value per coin. Again, nothing "Official," just "CHATTER!"

If you choose not to purchase "BitQy Coin" before May 1st, 2017, THAT'S OK!!! You will still continue to earn Cash, AND BitQy Coin on all personal affiliate "QyckDeal" Purchases, AND ALL personal referral Merchant "QyckDeal" Sales!!!! Again, tied to you for LIFE!!!

Videos You Need To See
WARNING: May Cause Insomnia!

If you haven't watched it yet, you should check out a 23 minute recorded webinar that Jeremy did by clicking HERE.

BitQyck Compensation Plan


BitQyck Meeting In Dallas On Thursday, March 30th, 2017


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